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Situs Inversus,

A perfect brand name one can say. It sounds interesting and unique and ideally suits the jewelry collection, making it more sophisticated.

But that hadn’t always been this way for one man. He turned out to be in about 0.01% of the population who was diagnosed with a are disease –  Situs Inversus. People who are born with it have their heart and internal organs mirrored, which can cause a few health problems in their lives. It didn’t really affect our man and his future. He had a normal life as a kid, had a loving family and friends, got his education and spent 15 years of his life working in animal husbandry.



A Search for
hidden wonder

He really loved animals and devoted all that time to taking care of them. But as many of us have always had one peculiar dream or goal, our man has always been interested in jewelry and design. He was fascinated by the skills people had. They could make it look so effortlessly, transforming metal into art. And one day he decided it was the time to make his dream come true and become one of those talented people. He spent a lot of time studying, making progress and eventually graduated as a Jeweler! His childhood dream finally became his passion. Of course, he had to leave his previous job and work on his present and future. And his hard work and dedication paid off. Now he creates marvelous jewelry pieces and rules his own company. The man had no doubts about the brand name. He wanted it to be unique and emphasize the features of his work. And his own life became his inspiration.

The name of his company is Situs Inversus! 


Fashionable design

 of our jewelry is designed in classic, elegant and fashionable shapes that are suitable for everyday life, holidays and events
Energetic colors are combined in each model
Gentleness, a little daring and above all passion and love.
The designs are varied so that everyone can find the right piece of jewelry for them

The quality of the products in the brand is one of the leading values ​​in the production process, the quality in order to create for you a quality piece of jewelry that will stay with you for a long time.


production process

Our jewelry


Accompanying the brand since its inception, a lot of thought is put into each model, planning and attempts to create new cuts until reaching the final and exact model.


We believe that a good quality product must be comfortable! All models are made from quality raw materials, pleasant to the touch to give you maximum comfort.


Our products are made from high-quality raw materials while paying attention to the small details, quality
cut fabrics and sewing.

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